Useful Instructional Design Blogs

SUNY Ulster’s blog ( gives helpful hints about how to integrate technology and design in the classroom through multiple ways, including online learning.  It achieves this through various videos and slideshow presentations, which discuss everything from the usefulness of GoogleDocs to ways to create a successful international online learning community.  This blog is helpful to me as an instructional designer, because as a teacher, I need to know the best means to reach my student’s learning potential through technology.  Although this blog is a great resource, it would also be useful for SUNY Ulster to include more specific feedback as to how to integrate the ideas in the classroom environment.

Myra at gives a blog that emphasizes helpful tools and hints to promote more creative and efficient instructional design.  Her posts are short and to the point, which makes for quick information retrieval.  What I really like about her blog is that she has a toolbox tab and a resource tab which name and briefly describe websites, software, and tools that every instructional designer needs (or at least should know exists).  I know that in my quest to become an instructional designer, I will be taking full advantage of these resources (many of which are free to use or download).

Tom Kuhlmann at provides a blog that is great for general learning about possible roles/duties/tasks of an effective and successful instructional designer.  For example, his post, Create Engaging E-Learning Courses You Can Be Proud Of, compares and contrasts an active online learner versus a passive online learner, and gives suggestions as to how an instructional designer can present information in a way that actively engages learners.  It also discusses appropriate times to use active and passive engagement learning.  This blog also contains other posts that discuss effective learning (not necessarily online) and is useful to me because I can use the teaching strategies he discusses directly in the classroom.

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